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George F. Ackerman Company is proud to be in the irrigation business. The following items are just a few of the many different irrigation products that we carry. You will find Lindsay Center Pivot systems, Harnois Megaboom Irrigation systems, as well as Berkely, Rainbow and OCMIS pumps. Drip irrigation is available from T-Tape, Netafim, Point Source and Roberts as well as Irrigation Reels from Microrain and OCMIS. Whatever your irrigation needs, The George F. Ackerman Company is your answer.

Our Dealership Handles the Following Planter Equipment:

  • Dual 12 Gold Transplanter
  • Water Wheel Transplanter
  • Bedder & Mulch Layer
  • Seeder / Planter
  • Checchi & Magli
  • Guarasi Spa
  • Monosem
  • Buckeye Tractor
Kurt Ackerman – Sales

Checchi & Magli

50% reduction in labor costs, double productivity, environmental protection, safety, comfort, extreme precision, total quality and operating ease.

The DUAL 12 GOLD range of semiautomatic transplanters (patented) is specifically conceived for planting out vegetables, flowers, nursery and tobacco plants rooted in conical or pyramid-shaped peat plugs.

A single operator can simultaneously fill two paired rows of transplants.

The GOLD models are equipped with a four-bar linkage for every transplanting unit.

Estimated production: 6-7,000 plants/hour per operator.

Min cm. 30 only with special kit optional.

Click here to view our Checchi & Magli line of transplanters.

RJ Equipment – Plug Planters

RJ Equipment delivers the flexibility you need to tailor your planting system to your fields, crops and harvesting requirements.

Make the most of every minute with RJ’s 6-cup carousel with the deep square chambers to ensure a quick, accurate release every time. Our proven planting units and choice of frames allows configurations for planting from 1 to 10 rows per pass with a complete range of water tanks, tray storage and tarps to suit your planting and work crew requirements.

Buckeye Tractor – Water Wheel Planters

Water wheel planters are popular and most practical to plant cells (transplants, plugs, bare root, etc) through plastic mulch. The steel water wheel gently rolls on top of plastic mulch and features add-on steel punches to punch through the plastic, form a hole and deliver water through the drain hole in the water wheel.

Planting personnel, seated on back, place plants in the ground by hand. Efficiency allows planting speeds comparable to mechanical transplanters – at a very attractive price. Growers have also found water wheels can be better than mechanical transplanters on bare ground (no plastic mulch).

Click here to view our Buckeye Tractor line of water wheel planters.

“Leading technology and product reliability in accordance with the most strict safety regulations are basic principles of CHECCHI & MAGLI machines manufacturing. Therefore, the company aims at offering real proposals and solutions to their customers so as to mutually enhance business of each other.”

Founded in farming country to serve farming people, RJ Equipment is dedicated to practical solutions backed by personal service in agricultural implements.

Buckeye Tractor – Mulch Layers

Mulch layers work in loose soil, so nearly any tractor with a 3-point hitch can pull one. Otherwise, use a tractor large enough for row-crop work so tractor wheels drive between mulch rows. Mulch edges are conventionally buried inside of tractor wheels to avoid working in the wheel track and avoid compacting buried edges from field traffic. Some models feature attachments to bury mulch in the wheel track for most coverage to maximize weed control.

Click here to view our Buckeye Tractor line of mulch layers.

Monosem – Planter/Seeder

Monosem® delivers Custom-Built Twin-Row Planters in a wide range widths and attachments. The Twin-Row planter is able to plant multiple sets of Twin-Rows, with 8″ to 9″ spacing within the Twin-Row. Staggered row units on one common tool bar allow for better residue flow. Planter can be used for corn, soybeans, sorghum, peanuts & more. Can be equipped with Central Seed System (CSS) or conventional seed hopppers in Mounted, Semi-Mounted and Pull-type versions. Also available with exclusive Monosem options, including the Sync-Row® system for precision Twin-Row stagger.

Click here to view our Monosem line of planters and seeders.

Service beyond our products – our knowledge and experience in moisture control, plastic management (including plastic retrieval), tillage practices, tractor application and operation and overall specialty-crop and fresh-market culture enables us to help maximize equipment benefits. We want you to be successful with our name in the field.

Each planter leaves our factory fully calibrated with more than 50 years of engineering expertise and over 30 years of North American research and development in every component of every row unit, down to the nuts and bolts. Our track record speaks to the Engineering Advantage of owning a Monosem® planter.

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